9'2" iSUP Elaho

Appropriately named after the Elaho River just north of Squamish BC, this badass iSUP is 9’2” by 35” and 4.75” thick. Extremely tough and designed with 5 grab handles (or as our ambassadors call them “holy shit handles”) so if you fall off there are lots of places to grab to stay with the board besides using the coil leash. You will find the ELAHO very maneuverable and super stable. The four-fixed “Quad Thruster” fin set up allows you turn on a dime and ride over the shallowest of water or challenge some Class 3 rapids. Then when it comes time to pack up, they roll up super easy.

With the board in the wheelie bag, including the KAHUNA 3-piece Fiberglass Shaft / Plastic Bladed Paddle, the complete kit weighs less than 30lbs. Easy to carry or now wheel through the airport.

Included with the ELAHO Board is the Wheelie Bag, High Velocity Dual Action Pump, Coil Leash, 3-piece Paddle, Fins, and the Repair Kit. Run rivers, rapids, or just play, whatever your heart desires.

Package includes: Board, leash, wheelie bag, high velocity dual action pump, repair kit & 3-piece full carbon paddle.

MSRP: $1,399

Recommended Inflation Pressure

Weight up to 150 lbs 150-225 lbs 225 lbs +
Recommended PSI 12 PSI 14 PSI 16 PSI


Size: 9'2" x 35" x 4.75"

Construction: Inflatable

Board Weight: 22 lbs

Best For:





All Around





for those long trek’s.

comes with tie down for an anchor or weight.

4.75” THICK
Thicker than our competitors.

textured deck pad for a soft and comfy grip.

High Velocity Pump
two way hand pump.

no screwdriver needed.

Composite Shaft / Plastic Blade.

Construction Type

kahuna iSUP
kahuna iSUP

KAHUNA iSUP’s are not just an inflatable paddleboard; they are a globally recognized high quality paddleboard that you can take anywhere. KAHUNA offers complete iSUP packages that are second to none. Using Reinforced Drop Stitch (RDS) technology, we heat press and glue the internal linear strands so the boards are lighter, stronger and stiffer. Included with the board is a dual action pump, coil leash, and one of the best 3-piece carbon paddles on the market today. Combine this with our very convenient wheelie bag/travel packs and you are set to travel anywhere you want to paddle. On the water, paddlers will enjoy ample deck space for extra gear, a passenger or even man's best friend. KAHUNA offers twelve different iSUP models ranging from the Keiki, for kids, to a Party Barge for six paddlers. Light, strong and extremely portable, that’s a KAHUNA iSUP.

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kahuna iSUP