9'6" Aloha

The Aloha Series was developed as a price point entry level series for anyone just getting started with the sport of Paddleboarding, and also for rental operations.

KAHUNA makes these recreational boards in a 9’, 10’ or 11’ lengths in one color way for each size, all with plenty of width: 9’ X 32” & 10’ X 33” & 11’ X 34”. Similar construction to the Epic Series, the Aloha Series has 2 layers of glass on the bottom, but only 2 layers on the top with a 3rd layer of glass in the standing zone on top that wraps the rail to help protect from paddle dings and bonks.

Like all KAHUNA Boards, the Aloha’s will have the Tye-Down, Gortex Vent Valve, & High Gloss Finish, and in addition the Aloha Series has a new Crocodile texture deck pad that’s colored to make it easy to identify size for rental, as well as being soft for the Yoga enthusiasts.

The Aloha Series boards all come with a 2pc Fiberglass Shaft Paddle, Plastic Blade and a rubber paddle guard built in. This will protect the board from the recreational paddlers strokes against the boards rails, so the boards last much longer.

Package Includes: board, coil leash, 2-piece composite paddle, fin.

MSRP: $1,099


Size: 9’ x 32” x 4.5”

Construction: Epoxy Sandwich

Total Capacity: Up to 195 lbs

Board Weight: 28 lbs

Size: 7’7” x 7’7” x 4.75”

Construction: Inflatable

Total Capacity: Up to 1600 lbs

Board Weight: 55 lbs

Best For:

All Around









Vent Valve.

comes with tie down for an anchor or weight.

stiffer, more impact resistent & reactive.

textured deck pad for a soft and comfy grip.

no screwdriver needed.

Composite Shaft / Plastic Blade.

10" FIN
plastic fin.

Construction Type

kahuna Aloha
kahuna Aloha

The ALOHA SERIES has been developed as a price point entry level series for anyone just getting started in paddleboarding. There are 2 traditional shapes that are wide and stable to get you out on the water. The Aloha Eleven Two Touring is designed with a v-shaped bow, which allows you to cruise straighter and faster. The Eleven, the Ten Two and the Nine are all round boards perfect for cottage use.

The ALOHA SERIES has similar board construction to the EPIC SERIES with 2 layers of glass on top and bottom and an added 3K Carbon Standing Zone on top that wraps over the rail for added strength and durability.

These boards come with tie-downs, a GORE-TEX vent valve, plastic fin, leash and strong composite two piece paddle.