I have a Bump on the bottom of my iSUP?
This is normal, not warranty. The bump is there because the factory must cut the treads that connect the top and bottom so they can install the Valve.

How much PSI do I need to pump my board up to?
12psi for women, 14psi for me, and for those paddling with 250lbs + on the board (rider + gear) inflate to 16psi.

What’s the red little plug like on the pump?
That’s to make the pump a single action pump when installed so you can get to the higher psi if you can’t pull the handle up at high psi.

Warranty or Warranty claim?
Warranty is done through your dealer where you purchased the board. All KAHUNA boards come with a one year warranty against manufactures defects. It is up to Kahuna to determine if it is a manufactures defect, NOT the store. A more detailed warranty is reviewable on the web site.

Do you sell or ship outside of Canada?
No, sorry. Only Canada coast to coast presently.