12’6″ Comp Canadian

With a race-oriented design, the COMP CANADIAN is an Epic Touring Series board that is ‘Hand Shaped’ to go straight and fast.

Utilising our Epoxy Sandwich Vacuum Construction (ESVC), we start with an EPS foam core and layer it with multiple top layers of Fibreglass and Bamboo to create the sandwich. This is layered with an additional carbon top layer in the standing zone for extra strength and feel. In order to keep the board light, we only use two layers of Fibreglass on the bottom.

Featuring our flagship “displacement hull” the COMP CANADIAN is shaped with a unique negative nose angle design that is a derivative of the “America’s Cup” sail boats. This progressive shape will help you cut through headwinds and choppy water with ease. Meanwhile, a small ridge line on the bottom of the hull that extends from the nose will give you a huge advantage in directional stability. The raised thickness of the forward standing zone will allow you to load up your gear and keep your feet dry on longer cruising journeys. Like all our touring boards, the COMP CANADIAN comes equipped with our race-oriented “Touring Fin”.

Once you paddle our touring boards you will notice the difference our engineering details make.
Enjoy the ride!

Package Includes: Board, Bag, Fin, Leash, 2 Piece Carbon Paddle


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Size: 12’6” x 30” x 6”
Construction: Epoxy Sandwich
Total Capacity:  Up to 250 lbs
Weight:  34 lbs

Best For:

All Around










11" FIN Fibreglass race fin


REVERSE NOSE Raked back to cut through choppy water


RIDGED DECK LINE Increases bow strength and helps shed water


DROP DECK Reduces board volume for added feel


3K CARBON STANDING ZONE Strong, stiff and more impact resistent


COFFIN BOARD BAG Coffin style board bag for protection and easy storage


KAHUNA DECK PAD Textured deck pad for a soft and comfy grip


GORE-TEX Vent valve


FIN THUMBSCREW No screwdriver needed


BAMBOO VENEER Beautiful finish and added strength


DECK TIE-DOWNS For securing cargo


2pc CARBON/BAMBOO PADDLE Super light and adjustable

Construction Type

kahuna Epic
kahuna Epic

All KAHUNA EPIC SERIES models are hand shaped and use an Epoxy Sandwich Vacuum Construction (ESVC). The foam blank is wrapped with 2 full layers of fiberglass cloth on the top & bottom. A 3rd layer is added to the top of the board and is sandwiched with either fiberglass cloth or bamboo veneer.

For overall strength and durability, the standing zone has an additional top layer of fiberglass cloth wrapping over the deck extending to the underside of the board. The board is then vacuum bagged for perfect consistency producing a strong epoxy sandwich.


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