8’10” Pro Wave

Fast and Responsive!

We wanted an ultimate wave board so this took a little longer to create but it was worth the wait. The 8’10″ PRO WAVE Channel Pin is the most stable 8’10″ on the market. We’ve tested it everywhere and the riders have all loved it! The trend is for shorter wider boards in the waves, “so it’s a perfect fit at 31.25”. The hand shaped 18oz EPS core with Bi-Axle Carbon is vacuum bagged and sanded after lay-up for the lightest, strongest, “Carbon/Bamboo Wave Board”. The Channel Pin helps with even faster bottom turns. The higher nose rocker at 6.75” will let you ride head-high waves; we’re sure you’ll love it!

Package includes: Board, Bag, Fins, Leash, 2 Piece Carbon Paddle.


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Size: 8'10" x 31.25” x 3.8”
Construction: 18kg EPVS Core with Balsa Stringer, 3K Carbon, Bamboo & Bi-Axle Glass
Total Capacity:  Up to 195 lbs
Weight:  23 lbs

Best For:

All Around










Four G5 Futures Bamboo Carbon thrusters and G5 center fin


WAVE ROCKER A 6.75" nose rocker for quick turning to catch bigger waves


WAVE NOSE Pointed twelve/twelve to knife through the wave


BOARD BAG All around 3/4 zip bag


KAHUNA DECK PAD Textured deck pad for a soft and comfy grip


GORE-TEX Vent valve


FCS NOSE ANCHOR PRO WAVE has a nose anchor to fasten a GoPro


4" CORE Enough to support the heavier paddler without giving up feel


2pc CARBON/BAMBOO PADDLE Super light and adjustable

Construction Type

kahuna Pro Series
kahuna Pro Series

PRO series is a "hand laid" board based on a 18kg foam blank with a balsa stringer. The lay-up starts with a full 3k carbon wrap, then a bamboo veneer is added to the top of the blank for added strength. The board then receives a full 6oz glass wrap and an additional 3k carbon top layer for even more strength in the standing zone. Once all the layers are set up by hand, the board is vacuum bagged. The vacuum bag process insures consistent curing and evenly distributing the resins throughout the overlapping layers. The PRO Series boards have a unique one of a kind look and feel, resulting from the ultimate bamboo/carbon construction. These boards are built to charge the waves!!